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A few ground rules before you get started:

Please...PLEASE be sure to read over & learn all you need BEFORE and as you make purchases. INCLUDING ALLERGIES that you know of.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can't stress the fact of people knowing EXACTLY what you are investing in for your body!

Do not be afraid to question or inquire about my products.
I test all products myself or someone on my panel before it's sold to anyone.

Thanks for your support & I hope you enjoy this experience! Much Love

What's popular w/ KBL, LLC


BB's Bath Tub Teas

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Indulge yourself by investing in a BB's Tub Tea! Picture preparing a mug of tea to drink; however, BB's Tub Tea is designed to give self-care to your actual body in the tub! How creative is that?!

Sounds real "SPA-ish" and fancy festive like huh? 30-45 MINIMUM is the “me time” you DESERVE in a bathtub full of hot water!

This is a 4x6 muslin cloth tea bag loaded with approximately 4.8-5.2oz of blended goodies. This soft yet durable treat is dual purposeful as it is highly recommended to use as a washcloth for direct contact to the body yet protected in the tea bag!. Enjoy the perks of using botanicals, herbs, plants, an array of salts, sugars, etc. It's SO much Mother Nature has given us to use...you'd be surprised!

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Kustom Aroma Sticks

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This is my 2nd favorite product to make; Butter Kream is my first. The process of my Aroma Sticks (aka incense) go through a week process.

2 days of soaking in the oils of the Aroma blend.

1 day of air-dry indoors to remove excess oils.

2 days of air drying (with Sun and Moon charging).

1 day of packaging.

Conveniently sold by the dozen with a burn time of 45-60 minutes/ stick.

***Did I mention the bonus of it coming with a holder as well?!? Wowwee wow!

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KBL's Butter Kream

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No Silly Goose, this is NOT the edible cake butter cream!!
Have you ever heard of whipped Shea Butter? Normally, it's a blend of hard oils (i.e., shea, coconut, cocoa, almond, aloe, kokum, etc.) and soft oils (i.e., olive, almond, castor, sesame, etc.) whatever one decides to choose.

Then, you add colorant and or fragrance. Personally I use essential oils for my fragrance and no colorant. If anything, I add things such as arrowroot powder, turmeric, cocoa powder, things of that nature to enhance the quality of my product.

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The "ROUNDTABLE REVIEW" is what others have said about their KBL experience! Grab a chair and see for yourself what others have said verbatim! Would you like to leave a review for the roundtable?

"I went out of town and left my body butter. I was sick as a dog...back was ashier than a fireplace! I'll never leave it behind again.”

Keisha D. (Arlington, TX)

“La’Sha Butter Kream (whipped Shea). I use this shea butter DAILY. I'm a slightly heavier girl and hate buying lotion because it doesn’t last long. A small amount goes a long way, and leaves my skin 110% softer than any body lotion could ever”!

Sheba S. (Ridgeland, MS)

"I have incense everywhere!! my truck, room, bathroom, and front room. They aren't even lit and they smell so good just sitting here."

Courtney H. (Vicksburg, MS)

"Babbbyyy this should have been called Butter Krack, not Butter Kream! I've never had this much moisture that was my skin and feet are addicted to!”

Tanya S. (Lithonia, GA)

"Listen here! I love these products by KBL. Talking about a new woman! Baby I walks through like the baddest after using these products; especially the Butter Kream. I love it. Highly recommend these products to ANYBODY. Get you some and thank me later.”

Neah B. (Joliet, IL)

Sooooo as I'm applying this Mud Mask, I just kept saying, "OMG! This feels sooo good on my face!" It's like immediately after applying it, my skin felt cleansed! It gives my skin a tingling, cool sensation that makes it feel like it's literally clearing my skin lol! I honestly see a visible difference after just one use! 10/10 would recommend it. Support black-owned businesses!

Jessica S, (Clinton, MS)

"I put it (La'Sha Butter Kream) on my baby when he gets dressed and I can still smell it on him when I pick him up at 5. he be SHINNING ALL DAY!"

Amira C., (Jackson, MS)

"Awesome!! My baby loves the butter...she doesn't want to use anything else now. Her skin looks so good, dry spots are clearing up!"

Glentrice J. (Vicksburg, MS)

I'm EVERYWHERE...PERIOD, OK Well MOSTLY everywhere :)