Body/Warmer Oil

Body/Warmer Oil

Kustoms by La'Sha, LLC
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So many have inquired about a body or warmer oil since KBL has started. I’m so excited to finally have a dual purpose product mastered I just want to say hush and buy. It’s all natural and great for skin or aroma. 

Easy 1, 2, 3 recipe and directions:

2oz bottle is packed with

70% Almond Oil

20% Grapeseed Oil

10% KBL Aroma Blend (Essential/Fragrance Combo)

Body Directions: think of as oiled cologne and add drops or rub oil in desired skin areas as you would cologne/perfume. 

Aroma Directions: fill wax warmer with 1/3-1/2 of water, yes water, then take 5-7 pumps of oil and stir occasionally. When water evaporates, add more and this time 1-2 full pumps of oil.